Stair Building

We build custom stairs to order. We deliver and install stairs on time within your schedule.

Stair Builders

As our primary service to general contractors, builders, and homeowners our team works to design, fabricate, and install all types of custom staircases and railings.

Stair Types

Box Stairs

The simplest and most common stair type, box stairs get you to the next floor with the help of wall-supported closed stringers.

Open Stairs

Open stairs have exposed nosings and integrated railing systems, and are typically supported by hidden load-bearing structures. Often, stairs begin with an open rise before converting to half-open or box as they transition into the well.

Half-Open Stairs

Half open stairs have exposed nosings and integrated railings on one side with a wall or structure on the other.

Curved Work

There are various types of curved stairs: floating, half-open, dynamic-radius, with variations. Our proprietary building techniques allow us to fabricate complex non-linear stringers to showcase a home’s foyer or grand room.

Stair Materials


We source and mill your choice of exposed grain wood for stringers, treads, and risers. Most of our commonly painted stair assemblies are fabricated from stable poplar from East Coast harvested and milled timber. Our most common tread material is a hardy wear-resistant oak, or maple. We can build treads and risers from reclaimed or specialized hardwoods.


We work with leaders in steel fabrication to join our wood treads to steel framing for industrial-style stairs.


Less common building materials

If you need to build out 40 single-family residential units with 4 layout variations, we can help you scope the cost for the fabrication of stairs and a timeline for delivery or installation.